Ban On Rush Hour Lorries: London Assembly Agrees Motion

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 101 months ago
Ban On Rush Hour Lorries: London Assembly Agrees Motion
Image: Andy Thornley

London Assembly members have unanimously agreed a motion calling for the mayor to implement a ban on rush hour lorries in the capital.

The decision follows eight cycling fatalities on London's roads this year, seven out of eight of which were caused by collisions with HGVs.

The prime minister has previously promised to consider the proposal and a recent survey revealed more than half of Londoners would back a ban.

Conservative Assembly member, Andrew Boff, called the number of fatalities ‘shocking’ and said they were “a clear indication that action is needed”. He added that “the solutions proposed by this motion will do much to make our city safer for cyclists and ensure that London’s roads are suitable for all users.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Freight Transport Association has previously opposed such a ban, calling it "unachievable".

The motion calls on the Mayor of London to work with the government and commercial partners to implement, among other things, a rush-hour lorry ban, confidential reporting of bad practice to be rolled out to all HGV drivers, and comprehensive enforcement making sure rogue operators using untrained lorry drivers, and unsafe vehicles, are stopped.

Last Updated 05 November 2015