5 Quirky Masterclasses To Try In London

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5 Quirky Masterclasses To Try In London

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The run-up to Christmas is a great time to discover a talent for making truffles, pottery or beauty products. A few fun-filled hours at a range of Funzing masterclasses making your own gifts, and you'll never need to blitz a shopping centre on Christmas Eve again.

Funzing connects talented hosts with curious, fun-loving fellow Londoners looking for something unique to do. These quirky classes are all suitable for total beginners, and many are kid-friendly to boot. Here are five of our favourites.

DIY beauty products in London Bridge

Let Naz teach you how to make your own organic beauty products, the perfect handmade gifts. You'll make fragrant delights like coconut and honey lip balm, refreshing mint scrub, lemon, honey & ginger body exfoliator, rose & coconut body moisturiser and homemade hair spray — then learn to package them as beautifully as at those fancy shops. £29, various dates, 10am-1pm or 2-5pm.

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Natural and homemade beauty products with Naz.

Dim sum for dimwits in King's Cross

Your host, Will, knows a thing or two about Asian cuisines, having grown up in a Chinese restaurant and run three of his own for the past 15 years. He'll guide you step by step from total beginner to outstanding dumpling chef — from making and rolling the dough to preparing the fillings and forming the parcels. By the end, you'll know everything you need to know about dim sum, and even be able to place your next order in Cantonese. Dietary requirements catered for. £35, various dates, 6.30-10pm (5-8.30pm Sundays).

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Dim Sum with Will
Dim Sum with Will.

Spray and stencil your own street art in Dalston

Professional graffiti artist Danny (a.k.a. Zincstyles) will lead you from street art novice to creative genius. His workshop provides an introduction to the use of spray paints, stencils and other typical graffiti art materials, as well as a basic art lesson in colour theory and drawing. Then it's over to you! You'll go home with an 18 x 14 inch canvas and a new sense of artistic pride — all materials included. £35/£30, various dates, 11-3pm.

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Graffiti art with Danny.

Go potty for pottery in Ealing

Vinicius's pottery class take hands-on to a new level, so prepare to get your mitts gloriously dirty. After welcome drinks and an informal chat about the history of pottery and clay, you'll learn the basics at the potter's wheel and get creative with your own pot, with Vini's guidance. All materials included. £35, various dates, 11am-3pm or 2-6pm.

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Pottery with Vini.

A chock-full afternoon of chocolate

It's time to try your hand as Willy Wonka. This class from Naz is a treat for truffle-scoffers: you'll make your own ganache, hand roll these little balls of goodness, dip them in all sorts of delicious coatings, and most spectacularly of all, you'll make a handmade chocolate bowl to present them in (chocolate crockery? More of this please!). Also on the menu are cake pops, cookies and hot chocolate; licking the bowl is encouraged. Admittedly, most of these 'presents' might get eaten well before they make it under the Christmas tree.
£29, various dates, 2-5pm.

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Go nutty for chocolate with Naz.

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Last Updated 09 November 2015