The Dating App That Does Quality, Not Quantity

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The Dating App That Does Quality, Not Quantity

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Once.

Looking to streamline online dating with the rest of your busy London life? Try Once and swap endless options, hasty swiping and WAY too much small talk, for one carefully-chosen match a day.

It's all beautifully simple. Because Once is masterminded by real people instead of mysterious algorithms, that one match is a lot more likely to tickle your fancy. You both have a full 24 hours to focus on one other, and if sparks are flying, get chatting! If not today, there's always tomorrow.

These matchmaking fairy godmothers bring extra benefits. No more fake profiles and no more Facebook friends — because no one deserves that cringe moment when you see someone you already know, and realise they can see you too.

Enough with the dating frenzy: this is just what single Londoners need. Download Once and get a calmer Cupid in your pocket now.

Download Once now for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Last Updated 29 October 2015