London News Roundup: Brecon Beacons Discovered In Chelsea

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London News Roundup: Brecon Beacons Discovered In Chelsea
The Brecon Beacons were momentarily moved to west London yesterday. Image from the Brecon Beacons National Park Facebook page

Last Updated 01 October 2015


John Elledge needs to speak to Danny Dorling, who, like Simon Jenkins, does not think building more houses will solve our housing problem.

Greg Tingey

And Uber are very smooth, err "operators" aren't they?
I heard their representative being questioned on the "Today" programme.
Which exposed, briefly, their cost & safety cutting dodges to make a quick buck


Simon Jenkins speaks a lot of sense on most of those points. Pleased to see one in particular: I bang on endlessly about the disparity in VAT between new build & renovation, but that's the first time I've seen it mentioned by someone high profile in a looooong time.

Personally, I suspect that this govt - with its obsession with home ownership - probably can't sleep at nights every time there's a BoE decision due on interest rates. This boom has been driven so hard by cheap money that it's going to be VERY nasty for a lot of people once rates start to rise, particularly for smaller landlords when combined with the change in BTL tax relief.