London Cycle Commutes Visualised

Andy Thornley
By Andy Thornley Last edited 30 months ago
London Cycle Commutes Visualised
Popular routes such as Hyde Park and Millbank are shown in a darker colour

New data released by popular cycling app Strava has visualised millions of commuters' journeys to and from work. Using data from over 7m rides in the capital in the last year, they’ve plotted heat maps showing popular routes around the city.

The app uses GPS, either through your phone or cycle computer, and works by recording various metrics such as the speed and route you ride. Once you’ve finished, you can upload it to their site and see a plethora of information including who has been riding the same road as you and how you compare. This data has given Strava the opportunity to aggregate it to plot the habits of London's cyclists. The data revealed:

  • The average distance of commute is 9.3 miles.
  • The most popular day to cycle to work is Tuesday.
  • 7,052,729 commutes were uploaded to the site in London during the last year.
  • The daily average of rides uploaded is 19,224.
  • Wednesday 13 May 2015 was the most popular day, with 37,226 rides recorded — over 93% higher than the daily average.

Visit the Strava Insights website to view the maps.

Last Updated 11 October 2015

Ben Brown

Bit depressing that so many cyclist have the lack of imagination, local knowledge and common sense to get off busy major routes and find a quieter, safer, more enjoyable route that probably has far less traffic lights and HGVs.


The data is incomplete, Strava is an app used largely by competitive cyclists who record their times and compete against each other on sections of road, which is fine, if that's what you're into. But this is why they seem to all be using fast main roads. It will be excluding the normal people in work clothes on old bikes who take quiet routes. It even excludes people like me who ride quite fast normally but just aren't interested in competing on the fastest time on getting where they're going. The great thing for me about riding to work is being able to vary my route sometimes just for fun, stop to look at interesting things, and pop into a shop because it looks good. If you ride like this, you probably wouldn't use Strava.