Friday Photos: Squirrels Of London

By Jo Connarty Last edited 40 months ago
Friday Photos: Squirrels Of London
Photo: Simon Burgess (2013)

Chances are you've seen a squirrel or two scampering about lately. Though they can get a bit over friendly at times, you can't deny squirrels are cute little critters and, as London is full of them, we have lots of photographic evidence.

Photo: Rod (2013)
Stay off my patch. Photo: John Andreas Olsson (2010)
Photo: Robin (2012)
This is a hold up. Photo: Hayley M (2007)
Photo: Matt Brown (2010)
Graffiti squirrel. Photo: Matt Brown (2010)
Wotchoo lookin' at? Photo: Pallab Seth (2013)
Photo: Lenny Carter (2013)
Photo: A.Ridley (2014)
My other car's a tree. Photo: Simon Burgess (2013)

Thanks to the following photographers for use of their photos: Simon Burgess, Rod, John Andreas Olsson, Robin, Hayley M, Matt Brown, Pallab Seth, Lenny Carter, A.Ridley,

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Last Updated 16 October 2015