Tom Parry: The Least Cynical Comedian On The Circuit?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 39 months ago
Tom Parry: The Least Cynical Comedian On The Circuit?

A strain of cynicism runs through the comedy world, and while we salute the prescient grumblings of Liam Williams, it's a rare and wonderful thing to find a comedian whose grin count equals that of their audience. Enter Tom Parry, one third of sketch troupe Pappy's and three thirds of of his ebullient solo show Yellow T-Shirt, which starts its run at Soho Theatre on Tuesday.

We caught Yellow T-Shirt in an Edinburgh pub-dungeon last month, and there wasn't a straight face in the house — his included. Parry's secret — aside from being so damn affable — is that he's not adverse to making a prat of himself; within the first five minutes he's been half drowned with a bottle of Evian, and has already flashed us.  

Yellow T-Shirt isn't merely clowning around though; Parry delights with staunch opinions on fancy dress (large surface area, he maintains, is the key to a winning costume), and produces a hilarious hand signal you'll be aching to use on the next person who pisses you off — all the while wearing a huge ear-to-ear grin. Oh, and thanks to Parry's advice, next time your mum asks you if you've put on weight, you'll know exactly what to do/sing.

As for that yellow t-shirt? You'll have to go to the show to find out.

Tom Parry: Yellow T-Shirt is on at Soho Theatre from 29 September-3 October. Tickets £10-£12.50.

Last Updated 24 September 2015