Video: The Sightlines Of St Paul's

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Video: The Sightlines Of St Paul's

In London there are planning laws that disallow tall structures from impeding on certain views, and vantage points of iconic buildings. The most iconic building in London — and therefore the most protected sight-wise — is St Paul's Cathedral.

St Paul's is the primary reason there is a cluster of skyscrapers in one part of the City of London. Generally, buildings nearer to the cathedral are lower too.

We sent Vicki Pipe to investigate some of these sightlines. Our favourite is where a hedge and line of trees in Richmond Park are trimmed back, specifically so that St Paul's can always been seen.

Thanks to the New London Architecture for letting us have exclusive access to their model.

Last Updated 23 November 2017


Love the NLA / Building Centre. Always something useful to look at, plus a remarkably good value sandwich joint convenient for the BM, UCL, and TCR. Can't ask much more than that.

Dave K

Excellent little video. I must go and visit the NLA now!


I was at Richmond Park at sunrise today and the view is just amazing. Parliament Hill is also a really good one. Nice video


This lovely view is no more, I'm afraid. http://www.richmondandtwickenh...