Hide And Seek Art With A Disturbing Edge

Ryan Gander: Fieldwork ★★★★☆

Tabish Khan
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Hide And Seek Art With A Disturbing Edge Ryan Gander: Fieldwork 4
A gallery space almost completely filled with stones from a shingle beach. Image courtesy Lisson Gallery

We're a fan of Ryan Gander, he's that rare breed of established artist who hasn't just stuck to one style of work and ensures there's a lot of variety in his art. This latest exhibition is no different and features a portfolio of work all centred around the central theme of concealment and how hidden items alter our perceptions.

The main attraction is a conveyor belt of items that visitors can only view through a single glass window, the items vary from dead pigeons to a baseball bat embedded with nails. It's a seemingly endless parade and just to ram this point home, a kitchen sink passes across our gaze. It's a surreal version of the Generation Game, complete with cuddly toy — except this one has been disembowelled.

Other works approach this concept of the hidden in subtler ways, a tent in an inaccessible courtyard is lit up by a light inside yet it's impossible to see what's happening within. Other works feature mirrors that are covered by a 'cloth' made from marble, so no clear reflection is visible.

The final work may look inconsequential to any visitor who hasn't been to the gallery before, but Gander has filled the large downstairs space with stones from a shingle beach so only the top few inches are visible to anyone who stoops down to take a look.

All this work plays to the frustration we all feel when something is hidden from view but glimpses are tantalisingly visible. It's a simple concept explored with a host of engaging works. Gander has proved once again to be a diverse and innovative artist.

Ryan Gander: Fieldwork is on at Lisson Gallery, 27 Bell Street, NW1 5BY until 31 October. The gallery is open weekdays 10-6 and Saturday 11-5, entrance is free.

A disembowelled teddy bear makes its way around the conveyor belt. Image courtesy Lisson Gallery
Dead pigeons can be found doing the rounds too. Image courtesy Lisson Gallery
A marble 'sheet' covers this mirror so only glimpses of a reflection can be seen. Image courtesy Lisson Gallery
In a rare reveal in this show, the artist's number is plastered across the side of the gallery. But will people walking by know what it is? Image courtesy Lisson Gallery

Last Updated 30 September 2015