Be A Walking Caveat In This Mind The Gap Hoodie

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Be A Walking Caveat In This Mind The Gap Hoodie

What are the three best words in the English language: I love you? Dinner is served? Not featuring Sting? Nope, it's mind the gap. When you hear those three little words, it means that you're riding the best transport system in the world, and life is fine and dandy (so long as you mind the gap).

Come on, say it with us: "Mind the gap". Now trying saying it like this: "Mind the gap". Good. And now: "Mind the gap". Gracious, we're getting goose pimples all over.

With this exclusive white hoodie, we're giving you the chance to celebrate the best three-word, three-syllable phrase ever AND offer yourself up as a walking caveat at the same time. Who knows, maybe you'll save your future spouse from a mangled ankle and live happily ever after.

And when your mind the gap hoodie is in the wash, you can console yourself with this mind the gap t-shirt, mug, and phone case.

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Last Updated 05 September 2015