Paintings Made From Paintbrushes By Finn Stone

Tabish Khan
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Paintings Made From Paintbrushes By Finn Stone
Van Gogh's starry night made up of paintbrushes. Image courtesy and copyright of the artist.

Woolff Gallery has made a name for itself by specialising in artists who use unorthodox materials to create sculpture and paintings — we've seen portraits of politicians made of handwritten comments about them and sweet wrappers transformed into goblets and busts.

Now comes Finn Stone who creates painting by painting paintbrushes (presumably using other paintbrushes) and transforms them into paintings. Many of these are famous paintings by the likes of Van Gogh and Da Vinci, including portraits of Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol — it doesn't get much more meta than this.

His other works feature a similar sense of humour — a pig with a police stripe and the word 'pigs' across its flank, and a spotted shark inside a vitrine referencing two of Damien Hirst's signature pieces.

This is a fun and engaging series of works from a creative artist and a gallery that continues to deliver innovative shows.

The Incredible World of Finn Stone is on at Woolff Gallery, 89 Charlotte St, W1T 4PU until 26 September. Entrance is free.

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Another Van Gogh, this time of the man himself. Image courtesy and copyright the artist.
The police's unfavourable nickname is riffed in this exhibition. Image courtesy and copyright the artist.
Da Vinci's Mona Lisa gets the paintbrush treatment. Image courtesy and copyright the artist.
The playful nature of this exhibition lends itself to this stag in bondage Image courtesy and copyright the artist.

Last Updated 15 September 2015