London News Roundup: The Gestapo Bridge

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London News Roundup: The Gestapo Bridge
Oi you! Stop that! (see story below)

Last Updated 30 September 2015

Andy Brice

A lot of those proposed minicab regulations are very sensible. Holding Private Hire Vehicles to higher standards of service and safety. And levelling the playing field between them and Hackney Carriages.

But enforcing an artificial waiting time of five minutes? Banning apps from showing cars on a map? That would just make transport worse, not better.

What a ridiculous response to new technology. It's like saying we should ban online shopping to preserve traditional shops.


Oh no people aren't allowed to throw crap off the bridge. Writing the word gestapo in this context is a step too far and a level that I wouldn't expect Londonist to stoop to.

Do a little research on what they got up to.

Greg Tingey

More to the point the "garden" bridge is a massive waste of money that should be spent on RBGK instead