Islamophobic Crime Rises 70% In London

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 32 months ago
Islamophobic Crime Rises 70% In London
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Islamophobic crime has risen 70% in the last year, according to figures from the Metropolitan police.

Incidents increased to 816 from 478 in the 12 months to July, with monitoring organisation Tell MAMA saying women are the main targets. What's happening in Merton is anyone's guess, with an increase from eight crimes to 29; Westminster recorded the most crimes with 54 in a year.

What's causing this increase? The rise of ISIS? Paedophile scandals in Rotherham? Or — more likely, in our eyes — the increase of anti-immigrant rhetoric from politicians and the media? Are Muslims simply more easily identifiable? When women wearing face veils are being targeted, that's simply cowardice. What the hell is the matter with people? What harm does a woman covering her face do to you as an individual? If you feel offended by it, here's a message from Londonist to you: grow up. Do you also feel offended by the sight of two men holding hands? Of a turban? A yarmulke? We bet you'd have been part of the mob lynching Catholics 400 years ago after the Gunpowder Plot — after all, if a few Catholics turn out to be terrorists, that means they must all harbour murderous thoughts, right? FFS.

As a city, we appear to be growing less tolerant generally. Met statistics also show an increase in homophobic and anti-Semitic crime. Offences against LGBT people increased 29% in the year to July, from 1,289 to 1,667, and against Jewish people by a staggering 93%, although from a lower base — 258 to 499. Again: what is wrong with people?

Last Updated 07 September 2015

Greg Tingey

What about, as happened near here recently: "This is an islamic area" ???
Actually, islam is a religion, right?
So, it is like all the others: A murderous collection of blackmailing lies, ok?
Also it is IIRC 622 years behind christianity & it shows ... not that the latter, even now, post-enlightenment, is anything to write home about - just ask anyone living in N Ireland, f'rinstance.


The numbers are not that high but true, worrying. London is a city of more than 8 million humans, I dont think a few twisted folks are going to make us any less tolerant. Statistically I would say it is near insignificance.


Semitic is a word of much confusion to those unacquainted with the history of the middle East. The standard British definition of the word is that of a branch or subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic,Amharic, and such ancient languages as Akkadian and Phoenician. For some reason the word has been ascribed mostly to the Jewish persuasion without understanding that the homeland of these people is not Europe but the swath of territory refer to by historians as the Fertile Crescent. It appears that the composers of the biblical story of Genesis attempted to create racial characteristics and chose the three sons of Noah---Sem, Ham, and Jephtha---to symbolize the types we identify now with Oriental, African and Caucasoid.

Jack Stone

crimes against Jewish people rose 93% so why did you focus on a smaller rise for Islamophobic crime? Is it because it is harder to blame "anti-immigrant rhetoric" for the rise in anti-Semitism?