Gorgeous Shots Of Last Night's Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

By Zoe Craig Last edited 40 months ago
Gorgeous Shots Of Last Night's Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

This morning's rare super moon lunar eclipse took place around 1.10 this morning. The clear skies meant London photographers were able to get gorgeous shots of this rare event.

Did you miss it? Check out our gallery below. Thanks to our amazing Flickrpool team for the great images.

(And if you're waiting for the next super moon lunar eclipse, it'll be in 2033.)

Blood Moon 2015 rising over Canary Wharf. Picture taken from The Shard. By Viktoria Rodriguez
Supermoon rising over Canary Wharf in London on Sunday ahead of the lunar eclipse in the early hours of Monday. As seen from London Bridge at 6:54pm - 20 mins after Moonrise and six mins after sunset. By Ian Wylie
Eye Spy A Blood Red Moon. This morning's Super Moon just before total Lunar Eclipse. By Tedz Duran
Super Blood Moon. By SNeequaye
Blood moon by E A Murray
Super Blood Moon Eclipse by C D

Last Updated 28 September 2015