Giant Pointing Fingers In Trafalgar Square

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 38 months ago
Giant Pointing Fingers In Trafalgar Square
The artist stands within his own creation in the pose mimicked by most people who take their picture with it.

Anyone passing through Trafalgar Square is unlikely to miss this sculpture of two giant pointing fingers; but what are they all about? 2015 is the Dual Year of UK and Mexico (first we've heard of it too), and this work is by Mexican sculptor Rivelino.

But there's promise of more cultural events across the country throughout the year, including a few more in London as well.

The two fingers are on King Charles Island and surrounded by traffic, but that hasn't stopped it becoming a prop for the snap-happy as we've seen plenty of people joining the two fingers with their own as they pose for a photograph.

Though they look playful, Rivelino is suggesting how we're constantly judged, though by linking the fingers together he also generates a sense of inclusivity. While we're not sure most people posing with the sculpture felt this, there is definitely a sense of intimidation if you're facing the finger and looking down it.

It's an interactive piece and a contemporary art companion for the Fourth Plinth.

You by Rivelino is on display until 31 December. For other works that are part of this Dual Year, see the summer pavilion for the John Madjeski gardens in the V&A and the upcoming exhibition of Mexican art at Oxo Bargehouse.

For more public sculpture see The Line in East London and Sculpture in the City.

Last Updated 01 September 2015