Would You Join A Londonist Club?

By Londonist Last edited 45 months ago
Would You Join A Londonist Club?
L is for Londonist - join our club?

We're chewing over a plan to create a membership/club/secret society for those of you who want to do more London things, improve your London-y credentials, get closer to Londonist and meet like-minded Londoners.

There are some exciting ideas floating around the office but we have no clue if you, dear readers, will be interested in such a thing. And without a measure of interest, we can't move any ideas forward or start thinking about costs and logistics or how big this thing could be.

Such a scheme — the Londonist League if you will — could comprise:

  • Exclusive geeky events and activities
  • Access to bits of London you can't normally get into
  • Unusual challenges, things could get competitive
  • Sociable pub stuff, we like pubs

Interested? Please fill in our form and give us some feedback. Let's see if this has got legs.

By giving us your email address here you are only signing up to be emailed about a Londonist members' scheme. If there's not a ground swell of interest the idea will slip quietly into oblivion. Thanks for giving us feedback!

Last Updated 07 August 2015