Pick Of The Camden Fringe: 3-9 August

Rachel Holdsworth
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Pick Of The Camden Fringe: 3-9 August

The Camden Fringe is back for its tenth year of taking over venues — spreading very far afield these days, 'Camden' is almost a misnomer — and filling them with comedy, theatre, dance, spoken word, puppets and all the rest. We've trawled the programme to select a few shows we know will be good, some others we know by reputation and a few more that just sound interesting. You have been warned.

Oh, and if you're one of the people who recently asked us what this festival is on the 'fringe' of... just shhh.


MIKE WOZNIAK: Nominated for the main prize in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, owner of the finest moustache known to humanity and on telly in Man Down, we're very fond of Mike Wozniak's stand up. He's doing one night before taking this show up to the big Fringe in Scotland. 3 August, 7.45pm, Aces and Eights, £5

NATHAN CASSIDY: We can't resist anyone who does three shows and names them after the Back to the Future trilogy and neither, probably, can you. Spend all evening watching this triple bill before he heads up to Edinburgh. 3 August, 6.30pm/8pm/9.30pm, Camden Head, £5 per show

AN AUDIENCE WITH HARRY DEANSWAY: Ever done a bad job? This guy's been sued thrice, been sacked from every job he's ever had and racked up £30k debt when he ran his own magazine. Nice going. 3-4 August, 9pm, Aces and Eights, £5

MATT GREEN: Not sure how Matt Green isn't more famous, but we suppose many people aren't. He is married, however, and this is a show about it. 4-6 August, 8pm, Camden Head, £6.50


Look at these Losers, on at Camden People's Theatre 3-7 August.

HARRY'S GIRLS: The tale of Harry and the six women in his life: Caterina, Annie, Janet, Anna, Cathy and Kate... Something about this is very familiar (of a much-married monarch). 3-4 August, 7pm, RADA Studios, £8

UNSIGNED: A new play that follows the tribulations of a south London rock band, you get live music and some multi-media video to keep you entertained as well as the usual acting. 3-8 August, 9.15pm, Tristan Bates Theatre, £15/£12.50

LOSERS: It's the ones who don't win reality TV we really tune in for, right? These four telly rejects let you get involved in their new gameshow with electronic voting handsets. 3-7 August, 7.30pm, Camden People's Theatre, £10/£8

HAPPY WORLD: We've often thought that behind the scenes at Disneyworld would be fascinating — catching Cinderella having a crafty fag or hearing Goofy let rip about the idiot kids he dealt with that morning. This play goes there, with songs and, apparently, nods to Avenue Q and The Smoking Room. 3-8 August, 7.30pm, Hen and Chickens, £8

MISS DIETRICH REGRETS: We saw this play earlier in the year and enjoyed the tale of the elderly Marlene and her long-suffering daughter. 4-8 August, 7.30pm/9.15pm, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, £10

GREYWING HOUSE: Dark storytelling, poetry and cabaret combine in this show from Mary Beth Morossa, set in a guest house overlooking the deep, dark sea. 4-8 August, 6pm, Tristan Bates Theatre, £8.50

STUCK WITH YOU: Two modern day love stories, one a new romantic comedy and the other a reworking of The Owl and The Pussycat. Take some honey and plenty of money. 6-9 August, 6pm/2pm, Etcetera Theatre, £6

PERFECT GHOST: Marni Nixon was the often uncredited singing voice behind big Hollywood musicals. This comic show explores her life as an underdog. 9-15 August, 6pm/1pm/4pm, Phoenix Artist Club, £5

Camden Fringe runs from 3-30 August.

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