Pick Of The Camden Fringe: 10-16 August

Rachel Holdsworth
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Pick Of The Camden Fringe: 10-16 August

Not seen any of the Camden Fringe yet? Shame on you — it's been on for a week. Never mind: here are a few things that we like, or just like the sound of, to dip into if the thought of exploring the programme yourself is a bit much.


JAKE YAPP: If you watched the most recent series of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe, you'll know this guy for his breakneck precis of BBC1 shows. Now he's got a whole hour to himself looking at the entire channel. 10-23 August, 9pm, Camden People's Theatre, £9/£7

ZOE CHARLES: The Burlesque artist and comedian takes us back in time — to the early 90s — in her show Memoirs of a Slutsky to ask: who is Zoe's father? 10-11 August, 7pm/8.30pm, RADA Studios, £10

CINEMA: Join Eric Lampaert and friends as they perform renditions of The Ring (Monday) and Goodfellas (Tuesday). 10-11 August, 7.45pm, Aces and Eights, £8/£7

ALEXIS WIERONIEY: Find out how to be, like, totally British from an American's point of view. 13-15 August, 9.30pm, Camden Head, £8/£6

AMADEUS MARTIN: God created Brixton, did s/he? Amadeus Martin thinks so, and will take you through its history to prove it. 14-16 August, 9pm, Rabbit Hole NW3 Theatre, £7/£5

DAN SCHREIBER: The host of QI podcast There's No Such Thing As a Fish tries out new fact-heavy material. 14-15 August, 9pm, Aces and Eights, £5


See The Sexes at Etcetera Theatre. Photo by Caroline Miller.

SEXUAL PEVERSITY IN CHICAGO: Several years ago, Londonist saw a West End version of this Mamet play with Matthew Perry and Hank Azaria. It was not good. We'd put money down you'll get better value from this version. 10-16 August, various times, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, £12/£10

KING CHAOS: A science-fiction comedy play about what happens when a revolution accidentally overturns an evil empire. 10-15 August, 7.45pm, Tristan Bates Theatre, £12/£10

THE SOCIAL NOTWORK: When three women lose their jobs they decide to get off jobseekers by getting into social media. 10, 17-18 August, 8.30pm, RADA Studios, £7.50

JACOBS AND JAMES: Part cabaret, part couples therapy, Jacobs and James tell you about their relationship with songs, dance and comedy. 11-12 August, 9.30pm, Canal Cafe Theatre, £7.50/£6.50

THE SEXES: Lars and Jackie are married actors whose star is on the wane, when a lead role for a gender-unspecific character sets them at each other's throats. Laura Louise Baker and Jaacq Hugo have been performing The Sexes for several years but it's been refreshed for the Camden Fringe. 12-16 August, 6pm/4pm, Etcetera Theatre, £9/£7.50

THE ROSES OF EYAM: The villagers of Eyam quarantined themselves when plague broke out in 1665. This play takes you to a dystopian and abstract world. 15-16 August, 7.30pm/8pm, Upstairs at the Gatehouse, £12/£10

The Camden Fringe runs at various venues around Camden until 30 August.

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