Five Cocktails To Try In London This Month

By Janan Jay Last edited 74 months ago
Five Cocktails To Try In London This Month

After a brief hiatus (we weren't in rehab, honest), we're back with more cocktails than you can shake a twisty long bar spoon at.

Pomelo & White Pepper Gimlet

Available at: The Beaufort Bar at The Savoy

Created by: Chris Moore, Head Bartender

Costs: £16

This Art Deco bar absolutely smashed Tales of the Cocktail at New Orleans this year (read: the Oscars of bartending), winning Best International Hotel Bar, holding a place for World's Best Cocktail Menu and a nomination for Best International Bar Team, so don’t be surprised if you start hearing it touted more than it's significantly more famous neighbour, The American bar, in the coming months. The menu itself is an epic pop-book, each one hand crafted, of incredible drinks and this playful, peppery version of the classic gimlet is our top pick, as the homemade pomelo cordial sees hints of fragrant asian citrus fruit complement the dry ginny botanicals.

The Robusto Negroni

Available at: Bar Termini

Costs: £6.50

London still loves Negronis — an unbeatable mix of gin, vermouth and Campari — and we've been imbibing them like crazy over the past few summers (and winters). Bar Termini, the train-journey inspired Soho haunt from the team behind multi award-winning 69 Colebrooke Row, has just released a fourth addition to its line up of pint-sized (ironically, not actually a pint) Negronis with the rather macho-sounding robusto — so called for its deep, intense flavour, which is a result of the four hour long 'sous vide' cooking process, making this one highly recommended for hardened fans.

Shorties of Shoreditch

Available at: The Ten Bells

Costs: £6 - £8

The trend for having a cheeky tiny tipple continues over at Upstairs at The Ten Bells, where you can get a whole selection of 'Shorties', curated to be savoured slow-sippers, ranging from an apricot-heavy old fashioned, spiced with a sweet ginger lollipop and accompanied with a side of beer (we expect this to be hugely popular) to the red date shrub, topped up with fizz. Expect an exotic menu packed with ingredients such as bee pollen, palm sugar and black cardamom. Also, we’re kinda cheating by sticking the whole range in, but '17 cocktails to try' would not be as catchy and too non-canonical for our liking, so just go with it.

Kimchi Bloody Mary

Available at: JinJuu

Following the festival fever at the London Korean festival earlier this month, we simply can't get enough Korean spice, especially in booze form. All hail the Kimchi Bloody Mary at JinJuu, a delightfully asian accented take on on everyone's favourite hair-of-the-dog/I'm-too-scared-too-see-who-I-messaged-last-night/kill-me-now staple. In this incarnation, the iconic celery stick remains while vodka is swapped out for soju, a smattering of chilli flakes, a good dose of kimchi paste and there's even a side of crackers to nibble on the side. What's not to love? The food is a real hangover-tamer too — go for the Sae-woo pops; savoury prawn-pancake balls and mayo. On sticks. Nom.

Carlito's Way

Available at: Mole Taco Bar

Created by: Carlito

We're fans of Tequilafest, mostly because it encourages you to sample top-quality firewater that won't give you the hangover from hell. And the cocktail offerings this year in celebration are set to be just as addictive as the last — as 'taco bar' Mole weigh in with a simple but seductive mix of orange, coffee and cinnamon flavours, making this our go-to tipple.

Last Updated 20 August 2015