Riotous Shock Humour As Briefs Returns To London Wonderground

Briefs ★★★★☆

By Tiffany Pritchard Last edited 89 months ago
Riotous Shock Humour As Briefs Returns To London Wonderground Briefs 4

The swashbuckling group of male entertainers, who've coined themselves the Briefs Boys, return to London Wonderground's Spiegeltent for a fourth stint. Once again, an array of flamboyant fanfare and daring, if not at times delectable, body contortions fill the 70 minute line-up, giving audiences a little 'someth'n someth'n' to feast their eyes on.

More like boylesque than burlesque, the hostess with the mostess Shivannah both runs the show and steals the show. The Aussie diva lays down the law at the start, with point one mandating frequent trips to the bar, as "the more alcohol, the better the show will be". There is also mention of a raffle, with a bit of a wink-wink, assuring all there is more to come than just standard hokey pokey song and dance.

And sure enough, the flying circles, fire rings and fancy hula-hooping impress, as do the sex-comedy stunts involving men's lower extremities and socks, as well as a splash-tastic performance that includes a bare bum in a large fishbowl.

While the entertainment provides a constant output of giggles (and the — as requested — long queues at the bar), buckets are passed around containing a stash of numbers: this, we find out, is part of the raffle. Without giving away one of the more hilarious parts of the night... if your number's called, let's just say you've not just donated money to charity... There is some drinking and a lot of muscly bare chest involved.

Presented by Underbelly Productions and Briefs Factory, the 'burlesque with balls' is pure entertainment, whatever should strike your fancy. Plus, if you haven't been to the London Wonderground, it's worth a wander. Adjacent to the London Eye on the Southbank, the space offers rooftop bars, multiple eateries, fairground rides and a host of other circus-oriented shows within the Spiegeltent (based on a 1920s traveling tent with mirrors and stained glass).

If you're still wanting more of the Briefs boys, they also have a club event on Saturday nights at 10.30pm. Disco dancing and continued mayhem are guaranteed...

Briefs is at London Wonderground at the South Bank until 27 September. The 70 minute show starts at 7.30pm with tickets costing £26. Londonist saw this production on a complimentary ticket.


Last Updated 10 August 2015