Watch This Story Of A Man With Everyday Super Powers

By Ioanna Karavela Last edited 108 months ago

Last Updated 27 June 2015

Watch This Story Of A Man With Everyday Super Powers

As Pride In London roars into life following the day the US legalises gay marriage nationwide, here's The Blink Of An Eye. It's a beautiful London Short by filmmaker Jeremy Willmott about Max, a man who can see people's futures when he looks in their eyes. However he isn't prepared for what he sees when he's hired to track down one particular man in London.

Wilmott tells Londonist: "I always wondered what it would be like to have a gay character with a special power. It’s a story that’s rarely told. I thought it would be interesting to mix genres a little and lead the audience down a path they weren’t expecting."

The film was shot in a day across London with the most demanding part of that process being the parts filmed on the tube, with the business proving testing despite an early start. "We didn’t factor the amount of people who use the Jubilee Line at such an early time of the day. We shot back and forth between two stations but for continuity only filmed in one direction. The Underground allowed us to shoot on a cheap student permit so long as we had hand-held equipment and kept out of people’s way."

Wilmott is currently working on an experimental film that you need to watch on your laptop and mobile at the same time, a demo is available to watch here.

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