Spend The Night On A Moving Bed At The Hayward Gallery

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 100 months ago
Spend The Night On A Moving Bed At The Hayward Gallery

Two Beds (Grey) by Carsten Höller. You can sleep in these beds for £300 a night. Photo by David Levene

What would it be like to go to sleep in one part of the Hayward Gallery, and wake up in another? That's the opportunity being offered by the latest Carsten Höller exhibition.

People are being given the chance to explore his forthcoming exhibition, Decision, after hours, including experimental environments such as experiencing the world through Upside Down Goggles, the large-scale Flying Mushrooms mobile and taking a ride down one of the giant slides huggin the side of the building.

Once tired out, a lucky few people will be able to go to sleep in another exhibit — Two Roaming Beds (Grey) — a pair of beds that rove the exhibition apparently with a mind of their own.

The beds are in fact programmed to move in relationship to one another using a range of navigational systems. While a laser on the front of each of the beds sweeps the floor, searching for obstacles as it moves, radio beacons set in the gallery’s ceiling help one bed determine its relationship to the other, and therefore its position within the gallery itself.

The beds can be booked for one or two people from Monday through to Saturday for the duration of the 10 June-6 September exhibition, with June dates going on sale on 3 June. It's not cheap, at £300 per night for both beds, but this would be quite the night of somnambulic perambulations.

Last Updated 01 June 2015