Hoping To Dodge Death? Move To Tower Hamlets

By Zoe Craig Last edited 37 months ago
Hoping To Dodge Death? Move To Tower Hamlets

Mural in Mile End Road looking down Whitechapel by Tony Avon in the Londonist flickrpool

If, like the Bee Gees, you enjoy 'Stayin' Alive'*, you'll be happy to know that figures from the Office of National Statistics show London is the best place to be.

Fewer Londoners are dying as a proportion of its total population, meaning London has the lowest death rate in the whole of England. In fact, it's almost half that of the north of the country.

The lowest proportion of deaths compared to population was in Tower Hamlets, where just 0.17% of the population died in the first five months of 2015. And overall, the ONS shows 22,536 people died in London between January and May — just 0.26% of the city's estimated population.

London's death rate has been forced down by the influx of young professionals. Coastal regions popular with retirees, by contrast, have soaring death rates: East Sussex has a mortality rate of 0.73%.

But there's a downside to all this living. The Telegraph points out that the ONS figures correspond almost exactly with those from another survey on house prices: Tower Hamlets, Southwark and Hackney appear in the top 10 on both lists. The lower the local death rate, the higher the house prices, it seems. There's always a catch.

*Yes, we know two thirds of them are no longer with us.

Last Updated 25 June 2015

diamond geezer

The reason that Tower Hamlets has the lowest death rate is simply because it has the smallest proportion of old people.

Only 8.5% of Tower Hamlets residents are over the age of 60 (the proportion for London is 15.5%, and for the UK 23%).

All that these statistics show is that Tower Hamlets residents are younger overall, they certainly don't mean that moving to Tower Hamlets will help anyone 'dodge death'.


This sort of statistics add credibility to the saying that statistics are lies.

Tower Hamlets has
by far the worst social environment in inner London. That is proven time and
again by the more reliable and accurate
news reports. The relatively few ones that
are that way.

The demography and
the clutching of voters by
ethnicity, age,
income are annually being kept
at their current
levels by active migration from
Asia. Those young
enter the UK as students.
Most solicitors
businesses, based in Whitechapel,

and staffed by Asians, are engaged in immigration
business. A large
number of bogus colleges
are to be found in
Tower Hamlets (and in nearby

The European migrants into the boro too are young.

Tower Hamlets also
has a very high level
of crime that is
allowed to fester, along with
very large number
of locally born under 30s being seriously unskilled and unemployed.

The overall price the boro population is paying is high.

It is nothing like the false picture of success that you

A related false stats item also spotted today
claims that the highest number of affordable housing was built in Tower Hamlets.

That too is unsubstantiated and misleading.

Who are the people that afforded them?

There is no way that most of those could
be affordable to the main sections of
Tower Hamlets population.

Again, the stats do not identify the
length of stay of the people who
supposedly afforded the so-called
new builds.

Housing waiting list in Tower Hamlets
is one of the highest in the country.
There is no stats on the number being made
homeless by the local Council practices.
Likewise, none about the states of most
previously Council housing estates
going down in every way.
Crime is rising as people know.
All of this is the opposite of the
jolly headline you are running.


Tower Hamlets, famous for coffin dodgers and corruption. It makes me proud to live here.


East End has always been a place for the young - but also a friendly place
To live here, the lack of space means you end up having to live on top of each other and so acquire a good social network, whether you like it it not - another indicator of longer life!


they die. but they don't get reported since they are still useful as postal votes in tower hamlets election...