Do Londoners Actually Care About The New Year's Eve Fireworks?

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 35 months ago
Do Londoners Actually Care About The New Year's Eve Fireworks?

Photo by Andrea Pucci from the Londonist Flickr pool

So, the New Year's Eve fireworks will be ticketed again this year, priced at £10 each (a limited number go on sale on 19 June, with the rest being released in September). But how many of us actually bothered to get a ticket last year?

That information has been given to Labour London Assembly Member Fiona Twycross: 27,476 of the 100,000 tickets sold for last year's event went to people living in this city. Twycross is calling for half this year's tickets to be reserved for residents, seeing how our council tax goes towards funding the event (the tenner charge covers the cost of ticketing). But we wonder: is it less that Londoners weren't able to get hold of/were priced out of getting tickets, or are we just less interested or savvier?

Despite the charges there are still plenty of places where you can see the famous whizzbangs for free, and not have to stand for hours in the cold before midnight. Or maybe — and before ticketing, it's impossible to know for sure — the fireworks have always been more of a tourist event? Do those of us who live here prefer to watch the fireworks on TV, or ignore them altogether and mark midnight by downing booze in our local pub? Let us know in the comments...

Last Updated 16 June 2015


Couldn't care less. Actually couldn't care less until they started charging for it.

Mark Wilson

Lug myself into central to be crushed to death by mouth-breathers & forced to hiss 'Excuse me' 100 times to yokels standing on the left of the escalators for the brief experience of loud noises and flashing lights? I could just go to Infernos and at least be able to afford to get pissed...


It's a tourist event - plain and simple. I am sure every Londoner has gone to the fireworks once - and sworn never again subject themselves to the hours of cold, crowding, and transport hassles going home.

If you are determined to see them - by far the best way is to go to the annual party at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. You can party inside until ten to midnight, then go outside onto the hall's terrace and watch the fireworks from there, champagne glass in hand.


Agree with Mark - it's a tourist event, and I expect a lot come in from the burbs/commuter towns.

Our council tax pays for the event? And we're unhappy with the £$€¥ that they bring in...?


couldn't give a f*** stick it up your a*** go up me local for nought