Uncover The Secrets Of Conservation At Sunset Safari

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Uncover The Secrets Of Conservation At Sunset Safari

A mountain chicken frog.

When is a chicken not a chicken? When it's a frog — a mountain chicken frog to be exact, and it has become so critically endangered that it's on the IUCN Red List. It's been the work of scientists from ZSL London Zoo to understand why it, and so many other species, are so threatened.

Now, research from around the world is coming together for summer evenings of exploration and appreciation at ZSL London Zoo. Sunset Safari is a unique chance to see behind the groundbreaking studies, when you can ask the scientists about their specialist subjects, find out what it's like to be a conservationist, listen to talks, and learn all about about the creatures and habitats they're saving.

Experts from the organisation carry out a staggering range of conservation research from the topics you would expect (rhinos and cheetahs), to less obvious — but just as important — matters such as the health of British garden wildlife, and sustainable palm oil.

Teams from ZSL’s Institute of Zoology, Conservation Programmes and Zoological departments travel the UK and the world discovering more about the natural world around us and finding ways to help protect it for the future.

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Sunset Safari gives anyone interested in animals a rare opportunity to see a side of the zoo only the keepers usually get to see — after the gates have closed.

Learn more about the nocturnal activities of some 750 species, watch animal feeding sessions, and visit some of your favourites as they go to bed (or ramp up for the evening). There's even the chance to enjoy a special guided visit, on the Premium Guided Safari Tour.

When you've finished feeding your mind, there's a street food market with 25 hand-picked stalls to sate your inner beast, and then relax at the Safari Base Camp where there'll be acoustic guitar performances as the sun sets.

ZSL London Zoo’s Sunset Safari series takes place every Friday 6-10pm from 5 June-17 July 2015. Advance tickets cost £20.80 for adults and £14.56 for children, and group discounts are also available. Book online now via the ZSL London Zoo website.

Last Updated 13 May 2015