What If A Stranger Snatched Your Online Identity?

By Stuart Black Last edited 42 months ago
What If A Stranger Snatched Your Online Identity?

Keith - A Short Film from Luke Kondor on Vimeo.

If you're sick of creepy, faceless politicians talking about how they want to control your life, try this wicked London Short about an even creepier faceless entity — calling himself simply Keith — who promises he's here to help.

This brand new short film is the work of multi-talented London-based writer Luke Kondor who recently set himself the challenge of making a no-budget project in just one week. The result is simple yet chillingly compelling as it taps into the that nagging technophobia all of us secretly feel, no matter how dedicated we are to our phones, laptops, social media and virtual identities.

"I'm an Apple Mac technician by day," Kondor tells Londonist, "which means I sometimes I have to remotely log into people's computers. I don't know if you've ever had someone do that — you can see your cursor moving around the screen as it goes through your files. It can feel quite invasive, so the idea of someone trying to help twisted into the idea of Keith, someone who remotely supports your life.

"There was originally no script, just the idea, a wire frame concept which I began to sculpt as I went along. With no money, I was using trial versions of the software, creating live chats on different applications that I filmed then edited together. It was all me speaking to myself, apart from the girlfriend who was played by my real girlfriend.

"It was strange because if I needed a shot of a tweet I had to go and make another account to send it to myself — then delete the account afterwards if I’d used it to make a dodgy or slanderous comment or whatever. The only other person involved was Thom Robson who did the music."

"I wasn’t expecting it to take off, but it got 10,000 views in the first week, so now I’m thinking of turning it into a feature possibly with a mix of live action, webcam footage and found footage perhaps."

Thanks to our friends at Short Sighted Cinema who introduced us to Luke's work.

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