tube corpse video

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tube corpse video

Last Updated 15 December 2017


And just like all good urban legends the authors add detail that isn't needed to make it sound authentic. In this case... I'm a doctor, and I can tell she's dead because she has scissors in the back of her head.
"Wow, it's a good job you're a neurosurgeon" said the woman.

Anthony Farrimond

I had not heard this tale before, loved the presentation!


I was at Brockley Max this evening and we touched on a few topics of mutiual interest.
Further to what I was talking about:
Scroll down to "Phantom Swastika in the Woods"and
Scorpions at Ongar
Underground mosquitoes
Plenty more where that came from.
Give me a shout anytime.


An incident like this (set on the New York subway) takes place in the noir-ish 1943 film 'The Seventh Victim'.