Online Dating Gets Friendly, With My Mate Your Date

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Online Dating Gets Friendly, With My Mate Your Date

This is a sponsored article on behalf of My Mate Your Date.

Logo-MyMateYourDate-black on whiteHave you ever fancied the friend of a friend? It seems rather traditional in today's dating age of online profiles and computer-generated "matches", but connecting to somebody new through mutual friends can be a natural, no-pressure start to any relationship.

New to the scene, My Mate Your Date combines technology with your social circle, and concentrating on making dating friendly again. No geo-located matches, no random pairings based on arbitrary profile information, no names out of a hat — My Mate Your Date connects singles who have friends in common. Except you don't have to wait for that birthday party for an opportunity to meet.

It’s simple, but it makes sense. My Mate Your Date works by connecting to your Facebook profile and at 5pm each day it scans your social circles - taking in various factors such as likes and interests - to select a handful of potential matches for you to browse through. Ask your mutual friend for their verdict on the pairing, throw caution to the wind and send over an icebreaker to introduce yourself, or secretly 'like' them instead. If the feeling is mutual, you can start to chat on-site.


They’ve done the research and found that 63% of couples met through friends (MSNBC, eZine: 18.03.2015). Those ‘real world’ connections are valuable, and welcome dates of substance, rather than transience. After all, it’s not all about physical proximity, it’s about social proximity. Yes you may frequent the same Londis branch, you may have once walked down Chiswick High Street on the same day, but will you actually get on?

Of course this can’t tell you that (it’s not a crystal ball), but you know you’re starting with at least one very valuable thing in common: a friend. And with a mutual friend it's possible that the likenesses don't stop there - similar tastes, values, humour. If you need some advice you can use that mate as your own personal vetting service. They like cats? Tick! Vietnamese food is their favourite? Yes! They’re obsessed with Aladdin? NO THANKS.

And if the date doesn’t work out? Well, you may well have just made another friend. And there’s nothing to say their friends won’t be more your cup of tea…

If you sign up before 22 April, you could be invited to the My Mate Your Date launch party at The Hoxton Hotel on Friday 24 April 7pm-midnight, with an open bar, live DJ, canapés and more.

My Mate Your Date is free to download and use. It works by connecting to your Facebook profile, but rest assured it just works quietly in the background and will never post to your Facebook wall without asking you first.

Last Updated 17 April 2015