Take A Different Approach To Your Social Life

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Take A Different Approach To Your Social Life

This is a sponsored article on behalf of thinking bob.

Back in the day we met people through school, university or work. Then social media and dating websites took over, constantly trying to engage us with others online. Now, as we try to unglue ourselves from our devices, there’s a desire to get back to face-to-face relationships and shared experiences. But where to start?

Innovative social club thinking bob bridges the gap between online and offline meetings, helping people share the city in the company of like-minded Londoners and expand their social circles as well as their horizons.

Join and your journey starts online but 'Bob' connects similar people through convivial and cerebral events. All socials include a thinking bob host to help you skip any awkwardness when meeting different people and focus on your shared interests, whether that's food, philosophy or films.

If escaping from locked rooms, being introduced to new restaurants, visiting thought-provoking exhibitions, quizzing with buzzers and solving mysteries get you excited then thinking bob could equip you with all the opportunities and fun company you can take.

And if you just fancy a night in the pub? That's fine too. Thinking bob can become drinking bob, with pub debates and parties in the addition to the traditional post-activity drinks. You'll never be at a loss for things to do or people to do them with again.

The first month of membership is free (£1 joining fee) so you can pop along to a couple of events to see if it’s right for you. Inclusive membership may even save you money if you're one of those insatiable socialisers making the most of every opportunity. Take a look at some of the thinking bob socials coming up in the next few weeks and try a different approach to your social life.

Visit the thinking bob website for more details about them, their events and membership. You can also keep up to date via their Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Last Updated 24 March 2015