Big Dicks And Tight Trousers

By Ioanna Karavela Last edited 34 months ago
Big Dicks And Tight Trousers

This week's showcase is Destiny Ekaragha's Tight Jeans, a film which asks the big question: "How can a man wear jeans that tight?" Three teenagers debate the issue and open up a whole can of worms about culture and race. Writer-director Ekaragha packs much more than a punchline into this short film, tackling complex issues of identity, and taboos such as slavery and racism, while dodging dogma and melodrama.

Ekaragha tells Londonist: "The idea of Tight Jeans was born when my brother and I were walking along Deptford High Street in London and a guy walked past wearing really tight trousers. My brother was amazed and said "Where do they fit it all in?" I thought that was funny and it turned into a debate which became the premise of my story."

Filmed near Ekaragha's home neighbourhood of Deptford, the film took a day to shoot and was — surprisingly given the naturalistic qualities of the performances — her first stab at professional filmmaking. Luckily for her "it was the easiest smoothest experience I've ever had." Even the weather was on her side: "It started raining only after we finished filming. We shot it in November but I wanted it to look like summer so the boys had hot water bottles under their t-shirts to keep warm." The film has already been screened across the world and been instrumental in the thriving directing career Ekaragha is now enjoying.

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Last Updated 29 July 2015

Lindsey Berthoud

Nice, thanks for sharing.


Seems a bit racist to me


As constructive feedback if the people behind this see the message... the audio is really hard for me to hear. I think if you can upload as HD that would make a huge difference.

Dave K

Made me laugh! Raises some issues but without it being heavy or preachy.

Nathan Maisey

It's rather interesting whether we consider it racist or not... I don't, but I am sure a lot of people would, not because it espouses a theory of racial superiority but simply because it distinguishes between races. I think it's refreshing to hear these things talked about.

Patriarchy Pete

Am I missing something? Those jeans aren't tight; matter of fact, they look like a proper fit to me, unlike the potato sacks the three are wearing.