Be Safe On Your Motorcycle: TfL Launches New Campaign

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Be Safe On Your Motorcycle: TfL Launches New Campaign

Photo by Dave Pearce in the Londonist Flickr pool

Transport for London (TfL) has launched a Motorcycle Safety Action Plan to reduce the numbers of bikers killed and injured on the capital's roads.

The plan (PDF), urges motorcyclists to ride safely using video clips like this one to demonstrate how dangerous it can be to ride too fast for the conditions. TfL's director of strategy and planning for surface transport, Ben Plowden, said:

“Motorcyclists and scooter riders are among the most vulnerable road users and with the recent spike in fatalities it is important that action to reduce the number of casualties continues. It is vital for all road users to pay attention to their speed and surroundings and to be aware of other road users.”

With 27 fatalities in 2014 and nine so far this year, TfL is also trying to get drivers of other vehicles to use better observation — a common cause of collisions is when drivers turn across the path of a motorcyclist at a junction.

If you want to hone your riding skills, the Met's Motorcycle Safety Team runs BikeSafe-London and ScooterSafe-London assessment days to train and educate riders to be better road users.

Part of the Motorcycle Safety Action Plan campaign also focuses on appropriate protective clothing, with a competition for people to design their own PPE. Entries can be submitted here from 16 March. Find out more about road safety on TfL's website.

Last Updated 09 March 2015


Bikesafe is a good day out and worth doing. Check whether your council subsidise the cost.

London Motorcyclist

Great! A campaign, that's amazing! So cyclists get stop boxes at junctions, protests and billions spent in road redesign and segregated lanes and we get this?! You are more than 10x more likely to die on a powered 2-wheeler than you are on a bicycle and we get a leafleting campaign. I have said it so many times, your life only matters if you share the same preferred mode of transport as the mayor. How about opening up all bus lanes to us, creating awareness amongst bicycles to look over their shoulders before pulling out, designating the right half of the stop box to us. That would have a real positive effect!


It's interesting you choose to show a biker wearing a helmet that does not conform to the European safety standard (ECER2205), or even the British safety standard (BS6658).. (I know I sound like a right geek). At the end of the day, a bike will only go as fast as you tell it to go. I have a full car and motorbike license.. I believe better education for car drivers regarding motorcyclists ought to be introduced. You're taught to do regular shoulder checks when on a bike, but it is not so heavily emphasised with the car test. Just mirror signal manoeuvre.. what about checking that blind spot for a biker?!