Anthem For Doomed Soho

By Londonist Staff Last edited 40 months ago
Anthem For Doomed Soho

Soho-based singer Tim Arnold has been leading the  Save Soho campaign to protect the area, alongside Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch. Now, the former The Voice contestant has put his microphone where his mouth is and released a single that aims to be an anthem for people living in the neighbourhood who feel the local arts venues and the historic fabric of Soho are under threat from developers.

Arnold's song is called Hearts 4 Meat, the title taken from an article written by Caitlin Moran last month in The Times. Her impassioned rant inspired Arnold's impassioned rant which includes lyrics anyone who's been in a Soho lock-in at 4am will no doubt appreciate: "I’m a boy, I'm a girl, I'm a sinner, I'm a vicar, I'm a Beatle, I'm a Stone, I'm a vegan stripper with tattoed tits, I'm a nymphomaniac midget and I'm doing the splits." Right on, Tim.

Last Updated 31 March 2015


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