Animated: A Day On The London Underground

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Animated: A Day On The London Underground

Will Gallia has created this fascinating animation of over 500,000 tube journeys from TfL Oyster data. Each point represents a person and their movement over the course of a day, viewed on the map we're all so familiar with.

Will's website explains how he did it — a 5% sample of journeys in 2009 with a routing algorithm applied — and a lot of hard work.

Last Updated 26 August 2015


I'm exhausted just watching all of that. I know we all gripe a lot but it's amazing, really, that the network can keep up with that every single day.


Amazing stuff!


That was the most stressful thing I've ever watched. The reason I don't get the tube.



Alessio Andreani

where is mill hill east? :(

Stephen F. Heffner

Meanwhile, up on the surface, vehicles are controlled by traffic lights that are in turn controlled from computers in Smith Square that run code I translated from assembler to C...

Nick Young

Very cool. I'm impressed that the network can keep it up, day in, day out.


I like it but what's wrong with hours? 25:01 lol ;)