Mapped: Where's Boris?

By BethPH Last edited 76 months ago
Mapped: Where's Boris?

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We'd noticed that our esteemed Mayor hasn't been much of a visible presence recently, thanks to various jaunts to exotic climes such as... er... Iraq.

So we hauled out our dusty atlases and put together this useful map so Londonist readers know where in the world their Mayor has been since his election in 2008. Thanks to the transparent nature of City Hall expenses, we managed to pinpoint Mayoral sojourns beyond the seas.

The keen-eyed may notice that we've given Boris a sunhat for his trip to Canada in 2011 — this is because although he was on holiday, he came back early after the London riots broke out. Here are the numbers:

  • Belgium: 1 visit
  • Canada: 1 visit
  • China: 2 visits
  • Denmark: 1 visit
  • France: 2 visits
  • India: 1 visit
  • Indonesia: 1 visit
  • Iraq: 1 visit
  • Kuwait: 1 visit
  • Malaysia: 1 visit
  • Northern Ireland: 2 visits
  • Qatar: 1 visit
  • Singapore: 1 visit
  • South Africa: 1 visit
  • South Korea: 1 visit
  • Switzerland: 7 visits
  • UAE: 1 visit
  • United States: 2 visits

Last Updated 01 February 2015