Camden Town Launches £1.5m Bid For Second London Brewery

Will Noble
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Camden Town Launches £1.5m Bid For Second London Brewery
Camden Town Brewery founder Jasper Cuppaidge launches Hells Raiser.

Camden Town Brewery — one of London's largest and most successful beer brewers — has started a fundraising campaign to build a second brewery in the capital.

The £1.5m Hells Raiser (named after the company's renowned Hells Lager) was launched by Camden Town founder, Jasper Cuppaidge, and is asking for investments ranging from £10-£500,000.

Currently, although Camden Town's bottled and canned beers are all made at their brewery in Kentish Town West, because of high demand, their kegged beers are brewed in Belgium.

The brewery's PR told Londonist that one of the aims of the second brewery will be to ensure all Camden Town's beers are brewed in London. Cuppaidge, they told us, is currently scouting for a site (preferably in north London), but as yet no decision has been made.

The fundraiser launch party is on 13 February, at O’Reillys pub in Kentish Town.

In other brewery fundraising news, Norwich's Redwell Brewing is trying to raise £30,000 to fight a court battle with... Camden Town Brewery. The dispute is over Redwell's use of the word "Hells" in one of their own beers. According to the BBC, Camden Town Brewery has accused Redwell of trying to "pass off" its beer as Camden's. Redwell, however, says Camden Town have no "direct form of legal claim or right over the names Hells or Helles".

We'd suggest that the two labels in question don't look anything like each other. We also can't help but think Camden Town's dosh would be better put towards their second brewery, rather than attempting to bring about the potential downfall of a relatively small setup in the same admirable field.

When asked about the decision to take Redwell to court, Camden Town's PR told us they had no comment to make.

Last Updated 21 December 2015

Trevor Warner

Camden Town Brewery - stop bullying Redwell Brewing now! You are not a multinational FFS, so don't behave like one! End the bullying and then maybe people would think about investing in you.


Talk about exploiting inexperienced investors. They claim in their prospectus that a 13x EBITDA would be a great outcome:

"Our goal right now is to reinforce our vision up to 2020 ensuring we keep creating great quality beer and pushing strong financial growth. Beyond that, we see a huge number of potential options for the company. You only need to look at the US craft beer market to see exit multiples of 13x EBITDA"

However - their current fundraising values the company at £70M, which is 207x their current EBITDA.


Totally agree with Trevor, that's totally unnecessary behaviour from Camden Town Brewery. I've just emailed them to make that point and I suggest you do the same:

Dickie Conroy

As much as I agree with not encroaching on each others labels! I don't think a small brewery in East Anglia is going to have much effect on Camden Town Brewery.Bullying tactics.


Poor form from Camden Town Brewery, goes against independent spirit of craft brewing. Plus, Redwell's beers are nicer!


Typical behaviour. Just Boycott them, that is all they deserve. Camdens Town's PR? That says it all right there.


WTF?! I often pick Camden Hells when out drinking, and one of those reasons is that it's nice to know it's come from just 'up the road' from a local business. Now you're saying My Cadmen Town Brewery selling Camden Hells... is actually from Belgium.

I think there's a trade descriptions violation right then and there.

As to Redwell... calling it Hells Lager is pushing their luck a bit. That's uniquely the name of Camden's drink.

But it's odd. I clicked that Tweet on Londonist with a strong chance I'd make a small investment. Now, learning that the beer comes from Belgium and they're happy to spend a ton of cash on lawyers, no I won't.

And I probably won't even drink it anymore.