Video: Why Is The Bakerloo Line At Charing Cross So Far Away?

Video: Why Is The Bakerloo Line At Charing Cross So Far Away?

This a question we get asked a lot. The answer is: because the Bakerloo at Charing Cross used to be a separate station to the Northern Line one — they were linked when Charing Cross became Embankment, and Strand station became Charing Cross.

Confused? You're not alone. That's why we made this animated timeline video:

Last Updated 12 February 2018

Geoff Marshall

And obviously ... Aldwych then closed in 1994, and the Jubilee no longer served Charing Cross station after 1999. just before any pedants point that out ...


I could watch that a hundred times and still not understand (no offence Geoff).


Not sure I've ever watched something so confusing and yet so informative...

Fernando Barreda Olier

Thank you very much for this!
My only question is how to distinguish, today, the two different Embankment stations (the original district line one and the deep-level one), I would assume they had two different entrances on ground level but I can only think of one?
This is unlike the two separate sites for the Strand/Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square stations, which are easily recognisable today.

Greg Tingey

See also "CARTO METRO" - I have provided a hyperlink, but it doesn't seem to be working ...for a clear view of what's going on .....


I like how you already sound quite exhausted by the end, Geoff ...

Chris Wotton

I was following so well until the final change, then I lost it all..!

Konstantin Pinaev

and to add to the confusion - if you go to the former Aldwych station, the disused entrance facing the Strand still says STRAND :)