London Shorts: A Comprehensive Survey Of Historical Plaques In Shoreditch

By Ioanna Karavela Last edited 112 months ago

Last Updated 30 January 2015

London Shorts: A Comprehensive Survey Of Historical Plaques In Shoreditch

Every week, Londonist presents a fresh short film featuring our fine capital from up-and-coming filmmakers.

Last week we showcased On The Bridge, a short that plays like a mini-movie with strong characters and an unpredictable story. This week we go to the other end of the spectrum. So don't believe the worthy-sounding title, A Comprehensive Survey Of Historical Plaques In Shoreditch is a sly, eccentric and hilarious burst of visual panache.

Jack Wormell, who made the film, told Londonist:

"My intention was to make a film about Shoreditch, but not make it about what everyone would expect. I wanted to find something different to its trendy image. So I was wandering around trying to think of visual ideas and saw the round plaques on the walls. I knew the area had lots of history, that Shakespeare had a theatre there and stuff like that, so started playing with that... The film also speaks broadly about how people try to whittle down areas of London — whether it's rough, trendy, boring, rich or poor — but in my experience you can't do that with anything in life."

Wormell is essentially a one man operation, having directed, shot and edited the film without much external support or funding (he says hiring the dress for the last shot was basically the budget). The film also features fine voice work from Anthony Best and Eva Mary Carroll (Jack's mother). It was screened recently at the London Short Film Festival.

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