Contributors Wanted

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Contributors Wanted


Love London? Love Londonist? Want to write for us? You're in luck: we're on the lookout for contributors from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Whether you're 18 or 88, and into urban horticulture or place hacking — and if you know your Neasden Temple from your Knees Up Mother Brown — we want to hear from you.

We're looking for people who can write superbly, make captivating short films, compile engaging photo essays, create absorbing maps, shoot stop-motion animation, or produce any other exciting creative content to share with our avid audience of over a million Londonophiles.

Send previous examples of your work and five pitches you think would suit Londonist to with "Contributors wanted" in the subject. As with everything we publish at Londonist, we are looking for a novel approach to tackling a subject, so a listicle of, say, "The 10 Best Pubs In London" will just get deleted.

Before submitting your ideas, please use the search facility on the site to make sure we haven't already done it.

We have a modest budget for external contributions.

Last Updated 09 January 2015


is there a deadline for this or is it ongoing?



So although you presumably have budgets for things like webhosting and although you presumably make money from advertising, you're not prepared to pay for the key part of the site, which is the content? "Every month a small pot of money is dished out to the creme de la creme of contributions" isn't good enough.

Peppa Pig

Not paying your contributors - the very thing that helps get you money in the first place? Awful


Thanks for your comments regarding payments. It was clearly worded badly. For the sake of clarity, most of our content is provided by staff. We have a modest budget for external contributors. All commissioned features are paid for on publication.


I like this idea, but you the approach is quite arrogant. You snort that the lowly people might email you "the 10 best pubs in London" and you'll delete it without seeing - then on this very site have right now "the 10 hottest restaurants in 2014." What makes the latter not worthy of deletion? Should we just put "hot" in the title? Or "2015"? Job done? Just a year ago you had "The 10 Best Craft Beer Pubs In London". So does making it craft beer really make it "novel"?

I think before you scoff and immediately delete emails from people that are interested in your publication, perhaps look at what the contributor has to offer?


Hello James, do you offer editorial summer internships?