Anatomical Whisky Tasting For Valentine’s Day

By Stuart Black Last edited 49 months ago
Anatomical Whisky Tasting For Valentine’s Day

Photo by Luke Evans.

It takes a certain kind of connoisseur to appreciate the layers of history swirling within a tumbler of vintage whisky, but this Valentine’s Day the curious can get help understanding the difference between a 25 year old single malt and, say, a 50 year old dram of Scotch.

Food-fascinated events wizards Bompas & Parr are throwing away the glasses and replacing them with human bodies whose ages correspond to the whiskies you’ll be tasting. So, while you sip your 30 year old shot out of the collarbone cavity of a 30 year old model, she’ll tell you her life story and thus you can actually, truly — finally — understand what that whisky’s age really means.

And as the age increases so, of course, does the depth of flavour, which means you’ll no doubt delight in savouring that 50-year-old whisky from the naval of a half-century-old Hell’s Angel. Especially as the warming effect of the model’s body temperature is said to enhance the spirit’s sweet tang. Mmmm. Make sure you swill it round your mouth a few times before letting it trickle gently down the back of your throat.

This sounds like a great way to surprise a loved one — though you may want to book some counselling sessions in for the following day.

Anatomical Whisky Tasting takes place at Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel on 14 February (part of an event marking the launch of the latest issue of food magazine, The Gourmand). There are 2 sessions at 3-5pm and then 7-9pm. Tickets are £48 and include four whiskies aged from 25 to 50 years.

Last Updated 19 January 2015