Take A Look 2015 London Transport Fares

Rachel Holdsworth
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Take A Look 2015 London Transport Fares


London public transport fares change on Friday 2 January. For most of us, that means paying more, but if you live in inner London and use Oyster pay as you go (PAYG) to get to and from work, you're quids in.

For zones 1-6 there's going to be just one daily cap — no more peak/off peak caps. You can see the figures in the graphic above. If you'd previously been hitting the peak cap, you'll save money whatever you do. If you travel off peak from zones 4-6, however, you'll lose out by between £1.50 and £3.20 a day. This change has been made as a workaround for the idea of a 'part time travelcard' — rather than a logistical nightmare to create a travelcard suitable for people who don't travel five days a week, Transport for London has just cut the peak fare. The London Assembly Conservatives have also worked out how much you could save using the new PAYG caps over an annual travelcard if you walk, cycle or work from home a few days a week (see below).

Other fares are going up by an average of 2.5%. Monthly travelcard prices are as follows:

  • Zone 1/1-2: £123.40
  • Zones 1-3: £144.80
  • Zones 1-4: £177.10
  • Zones 1-5: £210.10
  • Zones 1-6: £225.10

PAYG bus fares (Oyster and contactless) are going up to £1.50 per journey, and the adult daily cap stays at £4.40.

You can see more information on TfL's website, and also see our article tracking how fares have changed since 2000.


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Get. Real

What planet you on are are you on drugs or are you advocating there use my nephew an exceptional fit heathy young man of 25 spends 10 hours doing hard manual work a day for a weekly wage the same as most were earning 30 year ago, he can bearly stay awake for dinner in the everning are you sugesting he adds 4 hours to his day by walking or running a additional 30 miles a day?


As can be seen from the table, off peak only caps/travelcards are still available from outside of London and the core zones 1-6... So the best advice currently for those OFF-PEAK travellers from zones 5 or 6 is to not bother with oyster and ask at the ticket window for a paper "off peak travelcard FROM EPSOM please, southern only"... The clerk will protest and try to avoid selling you one, but be persistent because ultimately the have to sell you the ticket you ask for... Cost £10.30. Saving from zone 6 £1.50..

... Unless of course anyone knows different/better.....


London fares continue to be a total rip off compared to New York and Paris. People living in zones 5-6 are being penalised unlike other international cities where there are flat fares. Frequently, it's actually cheaper to drive to business meetings if you have colleagues with you and you're outside of the congestion zone in an energy efficient car.