London Gift Guide: Pocket Sized Dickens And Woolf

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London Gift Guide: Pocket Sized Dickens And Woolf


London-inspired gifts for everyone.

Both Virginia Woolf and Charles Dickens produced essays based on their rambles around London.

Woolf's Street Haunting is ostensibly a mission to buy a pencil on a winter's evening, but she's really documenting the minutiae of capital living.

Dickens was propelled onto London's night-time streets by insomnia, though his writings take more of an fanciful turn, including imagining Queen Victoria eating peaches and macaroni.

Dalston-based Paravion Press is publishing both works in postcard-sized editions with woodcut illustrations by Autumn Ahn. They cost £5 each and come with envelopes, ready to be sent off to your London-loving friends and family.

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Last Updated 09 December 2014