Why Take Two Monitors Into The Studio When You Can Have One?

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Why Take Two Monitors Into The Studio When You Can Have One?

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Curved Monitor_working Space

Creatives! Sick of having to flip between two screens all the time? Why not use a single 34-inch curved monitor instead?

The LG34UC97's curved display means you can fit so much more into your line of vision — and you don't need to keep looking from one screen to another. That's great news for graphic designers, filmmakers, musicians and other artists — as this viral video by LG shows:

While some critics of curved monitors have picked up on colour shift occurring in the corners, the LG engineers set out to tackle this problem. As a result,  the IPS panel not only allows a wide viewing angle, but also prevents colour inconsistency in the corners.

As well as only needing one screen, the monitor's multi-port lets you plug in all the various other devices you have, whether camera, scanner or speakers. By hooking all of them at the back of the monitor through with two ThunderboltTM2, two HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Displayport, your desk will be clutter-free.

And if all that sounds a bit exhausting — we reckon it'll also be perfect for a quick lunchtime surround-session on Call of Duty.

Last Updated 17 November 2014