Squarepusher Set For Audio-Visual Spectacular At The Barbican

Chris Lockie
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Squarepusher Set For Audio-Visual Spectacular At The Barbican


Twenty years into a hugely varied and influential career, Tom Jenkinson, known to many as Squarepusher though known to some as the Duke of Harringay (makes sense - he's from Chelmsford), has announced a feast for the eyes and ears at the Barbican next year. The purveyor of many innovations in electronic music since 1994, Jenkinson as Squarepusher will be unveiling new material at his Barbican show on 18 March 2015, in what is billed as a 'unique night' though the blurb doesn't go into huge detail about what you can expect.

What is certain is that it won't be a quiet night of sitting back and tapping the foot to a spot of easy listening. Jenkinson has had a fascination with any and all types of sound since childhood, which ultimately lent itself to to his singular style of electronic music via hardcore, acid house, techno and the like. He's released somewhere in the region of 15 studio albums, with Londonist's favourite 2006's Hello Everything. How we jitter when we hear opening track Hello Meow. Fancy a jitter? Of course you do.

Beyond that it's a full live set from Squarepusher there's not much to add about the Barbican show, with the full line-up yet to be announced, though there is this unusual line: 'No support but there will be special guests'. For additional details you'll want to keep track of the Soundcrash website, though it'd be a surprise if tickets don't go pretty sharpish for this one given Squarepusher's following among those in the know.

To highlight the man's diversity, an altogether different piece of music from this year's collaborative project composed by Squarepusher and performed by the three robots that comprise the Z-Machines - yes, real robots, built by a team of Japanese boffins. Here's the track Sad Robot Goes Funny - keep listening to the end, as it doesn't pan out quite how you think it will.

Squarepusher plays the Barbican on 18 March 2015, and tickets priced from £19.50-25.50 are on sale now via the website of promoters Soundcrash.

Last Updated 21 November 2014