Pillow Cinema: A Cosy Night In, Out In Shoreditch

Laura Reynolds
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Pillow Cinema: A Cosy Night In, Out In Shoreditch

(c) Jussi Hellsten / Flow Festival

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(c) Jussi Hellsten / Flow Festival

As London's cinema experiences go, it's not exactly revolutionary. Pillow Cinema, the brainchild of the people behind Hot Tub Cinema, is coming to Shoreditch this week.

If you've ever sat at home watching your favourite film, wishing you were somewhere else doing that very same thing, this is the event for you. Guests can settle down on Fatboy beanbags, either snuggled up in pairs or with a spacious beanbag each. Bring your own pillow for ultimate comfort.

Films are shown in triple bills on Saturdays throughout the run. 8 November shows off three of the best Bill Murray and Wes Anderson collaborations — Rushmore, The Life Aquatic and Moonrise Kingdom. The following week  pays homage to Hollywood's Ryan Gosling with a "Gos-Fest" featuring The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love and Drive.

As well as individual screenings, including The Wolf of Wall Street and 500 Days Of Summer, the Black Swan screening on the final day includes an optional ballet class. There are child-friendly screenings too, with Despicable Me 2 and Up.

Simple though the concept may be, the venue is an interesting one. Screenings take place at the former Shoreditch Underground Station, the same place as Hot Tub Cinema's events took place in the summer.

Pillow Cinema takes place in Shoreditch 6-16 November. Tickets are £15 when bought before 5 November, or £20 after.

Last Updated 03 November 2014