Little London Victories: What Makes Your Day A Little Better?

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Little London Victories: What Makes Your Day A Little Better?

Londoners, we want to know about your everyday little victories over London life. What mini triumphs make your day that little bit easier, smarter or happier?

You might shave seconds off your commute, get an unexpected freebie or experience something that makes you smile to yourself. Silly or serious, these moments make everyday London life that little bit better.

To get you started, here's what Team Londonist had to say.

What things make you want to mini fist-pump? Share your little London victories with us. The more creative, funny or visual your submission, the greater your chances of securing a place in our favourites list. The best ideas will be turned into a little London victories video — and you could be in it.

Leave a comment, Tweet @londonist, comment on Facebook, Instagram @londonist_com or drop us an email. Tell us your little London victories — send us words, photos, Vines, diagrams and tell us what little things make your day.

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Last Updated 13 November 2014


getting to the platform for the DLR - which now has more branches than the average Christmas tree - to find "my" line is signalled in 1 or 2 minutes!

Tabish Khan

Perfect timing on the switch from Northern to Victoria lines so you walk out of one train on to the other without having to rush. Happens quite often, but feels good every time


Travelling south on the Northern Line Charing Cross branch and it's going all the way to Morden, your not changing at Kennington!!


I like how most of these are transport related so far...

My own is waiting on a rammed platform at the peak of rush hour, expecting another horrific journey, only for a completely empty train to glide in straight off a siding. Yay for stations that are right in front of sidings! (Willesden Green is the one I know best.)

Lindsey Berthoud

Thanks to everyone who took part in this project. We've now wrapped it up with another video