Free Education Demonstration Ends In Arrests

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Free Education Demonstration Ends In Arrests

A demonstration against tuition fees and student debt ended with 11 arrests yesterday after protesters clashed with police.

Thousands of students led by the organisation Student Assembly Against Austerity arrived in central London for the Free Education march. Protesters gathered at the University of London before heading for Whitehall to demand the government scrap tuition fees.

The demonstration had been largely peaceful until it reached Parliament Square, when a group of protesters threw missiles at police and pulled down fencing. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said the arrests included affray, assault on a police officer and violent disorder.

London has seen a series of protests this autumn. The Free Education demonstration follows Anonymous's Million Mask March, the union-led Britain Needs A Pay Rise campaign and a series of Occupy protests culminating in a lone protester scaling the statue of Winston Churchill.

Photos by Chris Beckett and Ian Davidson in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 20 November 2014