Take A Sneaky Peek At £2m Refit For New London Venue

James Drury
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Take A Sneaky Peek At £2m Refit For New London Venue
The chapel recently stood alone, as part of major redevelopment, Fitzroy Place.
The chapel recently stood alone, as part of major redevelopment, Fitzroy Place.

A new venue will open in Fitzrovia in summer 2015, following a £2million refit, which has seen the 1929 chapel restored to its full resplendent glory.

The Fitzrovia Chapel on the site of the former Middlesex Hospital will accommodate up to 50 people and as well as being a public space "for quiet contemplation", will also host lectures, exhibitions, recitals and more.

When it opens next year, what visitors will see — and what you can get a sneaky peek of via the gallery above — is the astonishing mosaic ceiling in the chancel, and beautiful marble memorial tablets which line the walls of the ante-chapel.

The restoration has been funded by developers of the swanky Fitzroy Place, which will feature new apartments, offices and shops. Earlier this year, a petition was launched to try and keep the Middlesex Hospital name in the chapel, but it was unsuccessful.

Last Updated 03 October 2014

David Davies

We can be thankful the chapel has been saved. We can be doubly thankful if ease of public access is facilitated. If not accessible to the GP, that would be a waste of money in refurbishing the building.


Thank you for sharing the interior of The Middlesex Hospital Chapel, now renamed the "Fitzrovia Chapel" for it's relaunch into a "venue". The 3000+ of us petitioning to keep the connection of the chapel to it's longstanding role within The Middlesex Hospital was to ensure that the history of this amazing place was not forgotten. I certainly appreciate and hope the intention was always to have a plaque acknowledging the hospital site, and I am very happy that it is being renovated and will be open to the public to appreciate and enjoy. However, as one of the hundreds of thousands of people it served ... including patients, families, local residents and staff, the request to ask that the name was unchanged was an attempt to recognize the role the hospital played to Fitzrovia over it's history. The likelihood that this would be ignored and forgot was of great concern to all of us while we watched the site become a forgotten wasteland for so many years with the chapel left adrift among the ruins as you show in the photos above.

Fitzrovia News

Thank you for updating this article to include a sentence about our petition to preserve the name Middlesex Hospital Chapel. However, you state that the petition "was unsuccessful". But the two petitions have attracted over 3,000 signatures and many people, mostly former staff of the hospital, have expressed a view about why the name Middlesex Hospital Chapel should be retained. The statement from the chapel trustees declines to answer our petition and chooses to ignore the views expressed by the signatories. Only in that respect has it been unsuccessful.

K. KIck

We must ensure that public access is protected and the chapel is 'open' and not just a 'venue'. My enduring memories of the chapel are as a place of contemplation and peace when confronted by the sorrows of life (for patients, relatives and for staff). It was accessible at any time of the day - and in my case, the night.
I also remember the wonder in my daughters eyes when I took them as very young children just prior to the closure of the hospital.