Kew's New Season Is Utterly Intoxicating

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Kew's New Season Is Utterly Intoxicating

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Opium, cannabis, magic mushrooms and lashings of cocktails: nope, it's not the rider list for some trendy Camden band — but a flavour of what to expect from Kew Garden's new Intoxication Season, starting today.

The new series of autumn events, running from 20 September-12 October, invites you to explore the secret history behind intoxicating plants and fungi — from the everyday cup of coffee, through to the somewhat more controversial opium poppy.

Through a heady mix of activities, workshops, tours and talks, Kew's expert plant scientists will demonstrate how mind-altering plants can be both medicines and intoxicants. Each weekend focuses on a well-known mind-altering plant (pick a favourite):

  • Alcohol (20-21 September)
  • Cannabis (27-28 September)
  • Coffee (4-5 October)
  • Magic mushrooms (11-12 October)

Due to the nature of some of the plants, not everything is available to eat or imbibe. However, throughout Intoxication Season, foodsmiths Bompas & Parr will be hosting the Plant Connoisseurs’ Club in Kew's Secluded Garden Glasshouse. Here you'll get to sink your teeth into unfamiliar, yet culturally-significant (and sometimes tasty) plants. Wash it down at the al fresco Botanical Bar — also open for the season's duration. Here, green-fingered mixologists are whipping up delicious botanical combos with a kick.

Book your tickets online and receive a 10% discount. No, you're not hallucinating, that's a bonafide offer.

The Intoxication Season runs at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens from 20 September-12 October. Some events are included in the price of entrance (£15 or free for under 16s), others require prebooking. And don't forgot that you can get a 10% discount when you book online.

Last Updated 20 September 2014