Consultation Opens For Bakerloo Line Extension

Rachel Holdsworth
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Consultation Opens For Bakerloo Line Extension

TfL's route map of the options via Camberwell and Old Kent Road
TfL's route map of the options via Camberwell and Old Kent Road
How the tube map could look, by Geoff Marshall
How the tube map could look, by Geoff Marshall

Transport for London has opened its consultation into extending the Bakerloo line. TfL wants to know your opinion about whether the route should run via Camberwell or Old Kent Road and whether it should terminate at Lewisham or run further south. One other piece of good news is that TfL now says the extension could be open as early as... 2030. The consultation is open until 7 December.

Original article, published 30 July 2014: Boris Johnson has been teasing an update about a possible southern extension to the Bakerloo Line for a couple of weeks now, and in the newly released London Infrastructure Plan 2050 we can see what Transport for London has in mind.

The preferred route runs from the current terminus at Elephant and Castle down Old Kent Road and through New Cross and Lewisham, down to Catford and then on to Hayes and Beckenham Junction. Catford would get up to 27 trains per hour, Hayes up to 15 tph and Beckenham up to 6 tph.

There looks to be a second, less favoured possibility running through Camberwell and Peckham before getting to Lewisham, but that would hit fewer of City Hall's 'opportunity areas'.

South East Londoners need to contain their unbridled joy at finally being on the tube map (no more blank looks when we say where we live) because this project is being pencilled in for... 2040. And a lot can change in that time.

The infrastructure plan contains lots of other interesting things and is now open for consultation until 31 October.

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I live in New Cross and looking at the lack of capacity on the Overground and trains during peak times, and also considering that we are an Opportunity Area that will see lots of new car-free households in area within next 10-15 years, I would say we need this by 2025-2030 at the latest in order for the area to keep functioning and to have a chance of developments being sustainable. If this doesn't happen, we will need a good alternative to meet demand.


I was at the presentation by TfL at Dalston Junction about Crossrail 2, where they were talking about how the line went in Hackney. It was all very practical and they said that Crossrail was developing new methods, which would make Crossrail 2 more affordable.

So as the Bakerloo Line Extension will follow the construction of the Northern Line Extension to Battersea, that line will decide the fate of the Bakerloo Line Extension. If the NLE goes well and is built fast, then that could apply to the BLE. But if the NLE is a disaster, then it'll be goodbye to the BLE.

Could they use the same engineers and machines for example?


The route via Peckham doubles up on Thameslink, as can be seen on the map. Interestingly, there used to be two more stations on this stretch, Walworth Road and Camberwell Road, which closed in the early 20th Century. With the Thameslink upgrade finished as of 2018, it'll effectively become a new metro for London, or a second Crossrail, and should arguably be on the tube map, and used as such.

In other words, if the Bakerloo follows the Old Kent Road route, it's not the end of the world for Camberwell, as there are other rail options in the area (i.e. perhaps we should look at new-old stations).


Amazing why not reopen the Epping to Ongar central line it would help reduce car journeys into Harlow and Epping


How come Ladywell is on the Overground on this map?


Old Kent Road!!!, this part of London is overlooked all the time, I don't even live there, but visited couple of times and it is a nightmare!
And tube line would definitely change everything for better.

ASLEF shrugged

The extension would need more trains and as no other existing Tube stock will the Bakerloo that means new trains. Even if they got new trains before 2030 there isn't much spare capacity at Stonebridge Park depot and no room to expand Queens Park or London Road, they'll need a new depot somewhere south of E&C.
The 1972s were meant to be replaced along with the Piccadilly 1973s but the order was cancelled in 2010.


LONG OVERDUE!! South East needs the Tube!

SiƓn Owen

Who's the idiot that replaced Crystal Palace station with a second Anerley?


Definitely via Walworth/North Camberwell, leading to Camberwell and possibly heading further south


How about restoring the Harrow & Wealdstone to Watford Junction section of the Bakerloo Line?


via Camberwell, calling at Peckham Rye and Nunhead


why would Hayes have so many more trains than Beckenham? might as well leave things as they are, we're pretty well serviced for trains down here and it won't help having to get the night bus after midnight so what's the point?


Camberwell is the common sense decision here, development-wise. A central area with enormous potential.

Ray King

Having read this it seems to me that from Lewisham to Hayes it will mean BR ditching the line they hate (always delays and cancellations) and running the tube over the old rails. The problem with this is that all the trains on this line are full to brimming with commuters for Waterloo, Charing Cross, London Bridge and Cannon Street. All these commuters will now face a longer more tortuous journey having to change somewhere along the way, probably Lewisham which will make Lewisham station dangerously overcrowded and trains stopping there unboardable because they are, and will, already be over-capacity. The idea is stupid political play. If they want to make a difference to south east London which has been ignored, transport wise, for years, then extend the Overground through Lewisham, Catford and on to Bromley; do likewise with some tube lines. Of course they won't do this because it would cost money, whereas severing the Hayes to London route will cost very little - except to commuters.


What? Camberwell? That's crazy! My mum never rides the Bakerloo line.
Now she is gonna be intrested.

Whovian Marvel Tube Life

This is a good idea. It gives more life to a line which really just gets people from North-West London into Central London.