Work Starts On Dismantling Battersea Power Station Chimney

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 117 months ago

Last Updated 19 August 2014

Work Starts On Dismantling Battersea Power Station Chimney


Work to dismantle the south west chimney at Battersea Power Station has started — the first of the iconic towers to be removed as part of an £11m project.

The five-month demolition process involves a circular rig slowly ‘munching’ its way down the chimney from the top — with debris funnelled down a chute in the centre of the chimney.

Once it has been removed, a specialist 'jump rig' will be installed to rebuild the structure — 1.22m at a time — returning it to its 101m glory. It will take six months to rebuild.

Dismantling of the other three chimneys will start once the south west tower has reached a height of 35m.

Decades of corrosion caused by sulphurous smoke emissions have led to the chimneys — a key part of the London skyline — becoming unsafe. They are being replaced as part of the 34-acre site's £8bn transformation into a new district, featuring flats, shops, parkland and cultural venues. The power station is being rebuilt at a cost of £750m — if you want to see what it'll look like, we featured a gallery of artist's impression images in November.

The Malaysian developer behind the project has set aside money in a bond to ensure the chimneys are rebuilt even if the firm goes out of business — a curse which has befallen previous developers.